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Join the thousands of Small and Large Businesses that are already increasing their revenues by
Millions of Dollars a year through the GSA Schedules Program. GSA (General Services
Administration) is one of the largest procurement vehicles of the US Federal Government,
spending $30+ Billion a year with no signs of slowing down.
Through our GSAprogramĀ® we have helped hundreds of companies attain their GSA Contract through our
expertise, allowing you to begin developing your federal business pipeline. We work hand-in-hand
to determine how to best position you in the federal marketplace.
We start by evaluating your pricing practices to determine the best strategy to position your
company with the federal government. This includes the necessary due diligence that will ensure
your GSA proposal presents your company in the best possible light to ensure the award of your
new GSA Contract.
Once your proposal is submitted, we will act as your liaison in negotiating with GSA which includes
responding to any and all requests made by GSA for additional information or clarification.
Our team will always keep you informed of progress made and we ensure that the process of
securing your GSA Schedule Contract is both fast and accurate.

After the award of your new GSA Contract we offer Contract Management Services to ensure that you are always in compliance with regulations and that all reports get filed in a timely fashion.